Not Long Now, Events!

Holy Smokes! This year is FLYING by, I haven’t done a full post for a while, but have been busy organizing things in the background for some time. I can;t believe how close it is now until we fly out and this thing actually happens, that is very exciting AND very terrifying at the same time. Please share this post as much as possible so we can get as many eyes on it as we can!

There have been a couple of milestones this week on the 17th Feb:

  1. It was exactly 1 year since I first posted publicly (to almost everyone including most of my family) that I was planning on pursuing HSCT and fundraising for it. It was only 2 days later I was accepted and it all started. That means that we’ve made over $100k in under a year, that is pretty awesome and we couldn’t have done it with out this incredible community and all our support! Thank you all so much!
  2. The other one was that on the 17th it was exactly 2 months until the very day of the first phase of treatment starts. 2 Months to go! And we still have so much to do. Including raising a lot more money, so with that in mind here is what is coming up

March is going to be a big one for us, Next weekend we have an exciting private event on, then from that point in March is going to be pretty hectic:

1st March: Lone Star Quiz Night

Not Long Now, Events

We have a Quiz Night on at Lone Star on the 1st, those that came last time will know these are a lot of fun. Tom is a great quiz master and it’s awesome seeing how everyone gets involved and gets competitive. The bar is available and there will be nibbles floating around. We’ll have some token prizes to be won.  It is a cheap night at $10 a head, worth coming along just for a bit of fun! You can get tickets here:

4th March: Martinborough Fair

Not a lot to say here really, We’ll be there. We have some incredible stuff that has been donated, and it all has to go at this fair. So get in get your bargains, or just come along for a chat.. it’s a long day out so it’s nice to have some company 🙂

17th March: St PatNicks Final Auction Night!

Not Long Now, Events

This is the big one, the Final Hurrah! the send off and final push to make the money we need. We have awesome speakers and some great auction items coming in. All we need is to fill the seats (And a few more auction items if anyone has anything interesting they’d like to donate). Click the link below to get your tickets, don’t miss out. We heard great things about our last auction night, we expect this one to be even bigger and better. Here is the link with all the info and ticket links, please get in early and help us to plan what we need:

31st March: The Big Shave Off

If you haven;t heard by now, before I go I have to lose my hair (No big deal) and my beard (A very big deal, picture me in tears). To help me to not feel so out-of-place and also to help raise a few more $$$ I have asked people to commit to getting some part of their adornments shaved (Beard, Head, Otherwise). We’ve had a few sign ups and are looking for more. SO far we’ve had people sponsored for over $3000 which is amazing. One of those people shaving their head is my beautiful Mother IN law, if you can sponsor her a few dollars I would truly appreciate it. It takes a lot of guts for a woman to shave their head, especially one who is also a hair dresser and has long lovely hair. We have the Hotel Bristol on board to host the shave off in Wellington on the 31st and have Jovani’s men’s hair dressers coming along to perform, the shaves and also give out hair cuts for a donation on the night, these guys are great at what they do and offer an awesome cut so don’t miss out, Check out all the info here:

That will bring us to the start of April, I will finish work on the 31st, and then on the 9th we fly out to Singapore so we need to make the most of these events wherever possible. I can;t wait to see what you guys can do. So many of you have offered help along the way and I have greatly appreciated it, now is the time I need help. I need people out there finding auction items, getting tickets sold for the auction night. We need to fill the place. If you can help in any way please let me know.

Thanks so much everyone, I’ll be lasting the events this month. Bare with me. Will talk to you soon!