Kilt Day

Kilt Day

For those who have been keeping score, I vowed to wear a kilt to work for a day if my separate givealittle page reached $1000 which it did the last week with a big boost from the amazing girls at SCBU and Pediatrics Hastings! So, Tomorrow is the day, I will be strutting my stuff around town, working away in my Kilt. Normally I would say don’t take photos but I have promised some on here so take as many as you like and get them through to me to add to the page. I don’t mind making a dick of myself in the name of raising money so let’s do this! Should be a laugh!


Kilt Day

As many of you will have seen I have reconsidered the orange shirts as many people didn’t think they really would fly. So we now have the black ones up and they are already proving more popular. We’re over half way to the required 20 to get them printed so please help us get over the line this time. We’d love to see them around town and all over the place. For locals you can grab them in NZD from or for those outside NZ go to I promise they are great quality shirts, and who doesn’t want my face on their chest right!


After the news last week that GiveALittle are going to start charging 5% on all donations I have been doing some research. I have got PoliPay onboard who offer direct bank payment transactions at only a 1% fee and hope to start testing with Pin Pay from Australia for Credit Card payments at a lower cost so that we can provide a donation portal on our own age that is trusted and secure and costs a lot less than the new fees. We’ll still run the givealittle page but just offer other options for people. so that is exciting.

That’s about all for now. We still have tickets available for the dinner at Pirinoa so let us know if you are keen. I’ll see you all in my Kilt Tomorrow!

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