Had a trip to Nuerology today to be assessed for a drug trial. My vision in my left eye is suitably bad that I meet the criteria for the trial so for the next 4 weeks I am going to be taking either Fampradine or a Placebo, Followed by 2 weeks break then another 4 weeks of the opposite of what I was on for the first 4 weeks. Should be interesting, the drug works by speeding up the conduction in damaged nerves which should help a variety of things, the study is focussed on my vision, but in theory it should help my leg too, unfortunately its not funded in NZ so if it is working we’ll have to pay for it ourselves, will cross that bridge if/when we get there. In other news its 2 days until the one year anniversary of my diagnosis, not really sure how to feel about it, its been a hell of a year, but we made it, so I guess it good to see life moving on and starting to fall back into our new normal. I couldn;t have done it without my incredible wife who has been by my side for everything, and I have an amazing support crew out there in all of you, so for that I say thankyou, you all have made the last year much mjore bearable simply by listening and being there when I need you.