Alive Again!

Alive Again

Well, the week has drawn to a close. And finally, I am starting to feel slightly human again. Another couple of days and the steroids will be finally fully washed out of my system, but all in all today has felt the most normal day I have had in a while. So pretty pleased about that!

Time for a bit of an update on how things are tracking. First of all, we hit over $5000 this week which is very awesome, thank you to everyone who has been involved and donated.


It is a pretty amazing milestone to have hit in just 3 weeks, the first donation was made on the 20th Feb!

Things that are happening:

  • We’re just getting all the bits together to confirm dates for a Dinner / Auction night, But at this stage it looks likely to be the 21st May at Solway Park Copthorne. We are considering a Glam and Gumboots theme. I’d be interested to know what you all feel a fair price for a 2 course dinner and auction ticket with live entertainment. Also, if anyone has any contacts we can talk to about donating some of our bigger ticket items (or other items for that matter) for the auction let me know.
  • There are still plenty of T-shirts available at this site, if you are considering getting one but want to save on shipping let me know early this week and I’ll add it to my big order I am doing this week. Thanks to all those that have already ordered. Pretty excited to see these floating around the place getting our word out there.
  • The wood and lotto raffles have both sold out which is awesome! I’ll keep you informed once those draws are made. Anyone still to pay for their tickets please get in touch with the appropriate people thanks. There is at least 1 more wood raffle coming up so if you are interested let me know and I’ll register your interest. Weather is cooling down so a good time to be getting involved.
  • The amazing Wyeth/Finlayson girls went out to the Featherston Fair over the weekend and sold a variety of cool items and raised a very tidy sum, thank you girls. You are the best! And a big Happy Birthday to one of our biggest supporters yet, Adie! We hope you had a day as lovely as you are!
  • Popped in to Pak N Save today and they have our little notes on each checkout and are taking donations in $1 increments at the checkout so that is very cool, I honestly have no clue what sort of money that’ll raise, could be tens, hundreds or thousands. So we’ll watch this space in anticipation.
  • Megan Evans is still running her cupcake raffle, $5 a ticket and the cupcakes look amazing, if you want a ticket just visit her on Facebook
  • Leanne is still putting together the designer/label clothes show/sale so if any of you have any clothes sitting in your wardrobes that you haven’t worn for a while you’d like to donate contact Leanne or I to arrange it.
  • Leanne also is working on some orders for the statues which are very cool, once she has knocked those out and has a few more examples I’ll write a post with all the info.

Think that’s enough to keep the wheels churning at the moment. Honestly, just happy to be out the other side of that relapse and back in the world of the living…

As always, you can find our givealittle at: