Yesterday was one year since diagnosis. I am certain anyone with MS will tell me that the first year is the worst, I hope they do, another year like that we can do without. On the up side one thing this year has done is brought me back in touch with a lot of family and friends who have been touching base to show their support, and also I have met a lot of new people who are showing their support also. Danielle organised my brother and sister in law to come over yesterday to help me to see in the anniversary and organized our amazing friend Hana to have the kids. We had a quiet dinner out and it was really nice so thanks to all of you involved and especially to my amazing wife for setting it up. Other than that not much to report, no sign of any changes on this new drug, but it’s only 3 days in and it could be a Placebo so not reading much into that at this point except being glad I’ve not struck any side effects