quiz, gout

Quiz, Gout!

The quiz night is all go! We have sold all the tables and have a bunch of prizes streaming in. Huge thanks to Wharekauhau, The Good Mood Company, Schoc Chocolates, Laughing Owl Fudge Company and Newbolds 100% for helping us out with Prizes. I am excited about the evening now, We’ll have a raffle or two on and the Wishing Well will be there so bring your cash 🙂

Unfortunately last night I woke up to one of the kids, tried to get up to see them and collapsed in a massive heap on the bed again. Turns out I have a nasty bout of Gout in the foot that is the strong one, So now I can’t really weight bear on either leg, so if you see me hobbling around the place with my walking stick try not to point and laugh. Luckily the Gout isn’t MS related and should resolve itself over the next few days as long as I watch my diet. Fingers Crossed I am all fit by the Quiz Night.

I was hobbling around today and my bloody knob fell off…….my walking stick (Sorry, couldn’t help it). Luckily the team at Magoos Hotrods came to my rescue with some super strong glue to re-attach it. Turns out me bearing down on it with my weight was just too much for it. Thanks Lloyd and Nathan, you’ve made my week that little bit more tolerable.

That is about all for now. I am having a bit of a struggle at the moment with the massive task still ahead in this fundraising. Feeling things going down hill and knowing we need to get there fast. I am sure that the boost at the quiz night will help re-focus me on the path forward. If anyone has any more amazing ideas to raise $$ let me know!