Shakes, Dates, Events


Sheesh, what a rolly night. Really nothing to do with MS but couldn’t really ignore it. Hope everyone out there is OK and not too much damage going on. All the more reason really to get this treatment done and dusted as if I hadn’t been mobile last night Danielle would have been stuck trying to sort both kids and me. Just to add to the fun our oldest Thomas was in the middle of a  horrendous stomach bug and had actually woken us before the earthquake vomiting, we were cleaning his bed when it hit.. pretty scary for all involved. The bad news is today I have the bug and it has sent my MS symptoms crazy, My eye and legs are pretty much useless and I am wiped out tired.. hopefully that doesn’t last too long.


I now have dates from Singapore for my treatment as below:

13th April – It all starts with a Family Conference and Blood Tests, This is the first day I am needed in Singapore so we’ll likely arrive a couple of days before to get settled etc..

17th April – First Batch of Chemo followed by Phase 1 from 21st April – 28th April (Approx.)

17th May – Phase 2 Starts, this is the Big part with 4 days of Chemo.. My Transplant Birthday should be the 22nd May.. That is the day I should finally Kick this MS

After that things get a bit fluid. I will go into Isolation for a couple of weeks, then likely be allowed out to the hotel for a couple of weeks before being allowed to fly home, that part all depends on my blood tests and how quickly my body rebuilds after the transplant.

It is exciting to have dates and it has meant I have started to look at accommodation and flights etc.. which suddenly makes it all VERY real.. Up until now it has been this thing we have been working towards but it was always a long way off. Now it is less than 5 months and we still have so much to do and so much money to raise! AhhhHHHHHhhh!

I am also working out who will be able to be there at various times so I always have a caregiver with me, if anyone is interested in visiting Singapore and ‘holding my hand’ for a period let me know.


Upcoming Events

Don’t forget, this Thursday night is our Cinema Premier screening of Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them, The tickets have sold great, we have around 10 left so if you are keen get in now, tickets at

Following that on the 25th we have our Cut-A-Thon event at the Hotel Bristol in Wellington, We now have Barbers and Hairdressers involved so anyone can come along for a cut and a drink. We’ll have some fun bits going on and should be a great night. Come along and support us with a great cut.