Debs Tora Challenge

Our good friend Deb Whiteman has decided (in one of her crazier moments in my opinion) to do the 18km Tora Challenge on the 1st of May. That’s great for us as she is looking for pledges to help encourage her to complete it and to help our give a little page grow. This is incredibly generous and I’d love to see you incredible followers get behind Deb in her quest to be even more amazing than she already is. 18km is no small feat, over coastal and farm land.

The Tora Challenge is one of the items on my radar for once I have been treated and recovered. I have started to make some goals for myself to aim for once I am ‘better’ and this is one of them and I am so impressed that Deb has taken this on herself to get out there and do it. You can click the link above or go to to pledge towards her making her goal. Don’t be alarmed if you get a ‘not yet moderated’ warning, they do take a couple of days (and a minimum of 3 pledges) before they will finalize moderation, but rest assured it is safe and under the same account as our give a little page.

Thanks in advance for your support team. and a HUGE thanks to Deb for committing to do this for us. AMAZING!