This week has been an up and down week, I have achieved a lot this week which is good and had some fairly positive days, It’s also one of the first times I have taken time off work due to symptoms, luckily only half a day, but my leg was just not co-operating that day, Weak and painful, needed a bit of a break. Not too bad now though. I have a question for my fellow MS sufferers that follow my post. I have an appointment on Monday with the nuerologist, and I am in 2 minds about what I am going to tell him. I am concerned that if I am fully honest about my legs and relapses it may push my above the 2.5 EDSS limit that would mean I am no longer viable for treatment, but if I am not honest am I potentially causing issue with my treatment plan etc.. any thoughts? has anyone faced this same dilemma when heading to the nuerologist?