Looks like it is time to stop looking for other reasoning and accept I am in the middle of another relapse.

This week my leg has been getting progressively worse with weakness in the knee and I have been excessively tired. Fingers crossed it doesn’t last too long and it remedies itself fully as I have quite a limp at the moment.

The treatment I have started doesn’t tend to show any effect on relapses for at least 6 months after it is started so can’t really take this as any indication on working/not working treatment.

However it does cause me some issues if, like my eye and my balance, my body doesn’t fully recover from the symptoms as it a leg symptom will push my EDSS level up quickly and may cause some issues when coming to re-apply next time. Will have to cross that bridge if/when we come to it. Currently I can still walk without a walking aid so that is a bonus on the EDSS scale.

On the plus side this weekend we got the new fridge on Friday so my injections are now safely out of prying fingers reach which I am very relieved about, thank you again to all those that made that happen!