Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

Well, we have less than a week to go until the Auction night, and wouldn’t you know it. I have gone and gotten a wee viral thing and have no voice, Fingers crossed it buggers off before Saturday Night. All our big bits are in place and we’re just working through the finer details now to get the night to be what we want it to be.

I’ve been asked a number of times what the Dress Code and/or theme is. We honestly have no expectation, as long as you turn up (and even better bring some savings for bidding) we are happy. I personally am going to play around with the theme of Glam and Gumboots a bit, go crazy. We hope to have a prize or two for the best dressed on the night.

Most of all we want people to have fun. We have an amazing team helping us out to make sure things work well, We have 2 amazing speakers and a great band on afterwards. All in all those things should make sure this event is incredible.

I doubt I’ll post an awful lot more beforehand as we will be flat-out with the organisation. If anyone has any questions just shoot me an email: