Neurologist visit today, just a general check in really to see how things were going. Not a lot of new information has stemmed from it. He did some tests on my leg strength and tells me that is all ok which is good, means that its the nerves causing the leg issues, which ultimately results the same way, but good to know the muscles aren’t giving up.

Got a bit of a stern word about not calling them when my leg started to have issues, He is concerned that in my case the MS attacks are taking a long time to recover from and are not recovering fully so we need to be treating the attacks with steroids as soon as possible. I talked about my previous experience with steroids and how I was reluctant to go there again, he wants me to try again with Lithium as well to counter-act the steroids effects,

Other than that, it’s too soon to tell if the Copaxone is having an effect or not, so we’ll re-evaluate that in 6 months or so. I was surprised when i told him about some of the adverse reactions that I’d had with the injections that he wasn’t surprised, I would have thought if they knew they were possible, that they’d warrant a mention in the prep, but nevermind. Other than that all is good and as expected.