It has been nearly 2 months since my last post around Christmas time. Things since then have been a mixed bag.

I have had a lot of time with my family and that has been amazing, we’ve gotten out and done a lot of things and made the best of the weather. The weather however has also taken its toll. the heat is so incredibly draining, every day is becoming more of a struggle which is even more frustrating when I am so used to being someone who loves summer and all the opportunities it brings. My symptoms are slowly and progressively getting worse as the summer progresses, each day I wake up after a hot nights sleep more tired than I was when I lay down. Some days it takes every single piece of mental fortitude I have just to get myself out of bed in the morning.

It is really starting to take a mental toll on me and those around me. I get more and more frustrated with the situation and being tired and ultimately end up snapping at those around me for the smallest of things, I know I am doing it sometimes but my foggy brain just doesn’t react fast enough to stop it. My limp is starting to return and I am now dropping just about everything I pick up… and did I mention the brain fog.. I am genuinely at the point where I have to stop tasks and walk away to clear my head a bit and refocus on the task at hand.

All in all this is what is leading me to what comes next, I am seeing more and more of the people I have met through various forums going for HSCT treatment and the results all over the world are looking promising. So, I have started the application process for Singapore and its looking promising that I could be accepted. That in itself has its own mental challenges as it completely alters the trajectory of my whole families plans for the next 2 – 3 years as everything else has to pretty much go on hold.. Having to subject my family to that is a real mind muddler for me, it is so hard to justify all their sacrifices just for my own health.. so I am trying to work through all that in my mind right now.

Until I have all the info from the Neurologist and in-turn Singapore nothing is set in concrete yet, but once I know, assuming I get approved, it’ll be time to make that final call on if I can mental handle doing this to all those around me, and then if we decide to go ahead, start fundraising like crazy, the treatment will cost in the vicinity of $200,000 once all expenses are accounted for. The big thing I have to keep remembering is the MS mantra ‘time is brain’, the longer I leave it the more potentially irreversible damage it can do to my brain, and in turn body

I watched a BBC doco today which had some good info in it about the treatment and some good outcomes from it, if anyone is interested in how it all goes:

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