It has been a while since I posted. Thought I’d throw up a picture while I was disposing of my latest batch of needles, makes me feel like a bloody junkie seeing them all together. Am smack in the middle of my 2 week detox from the first batch of drugs on the drug trial, Strange results from the tests after the first drug (or placebo), my visual field test (Push the button if you see the light while staring at the center light) was much better, however my visual acuity (Reading a letter chart) and my visual evoked potential (Sensors on my brain while I watch a flashing check screen to measure the speed my brain registers the change) were both very slightly worse. Still suspect I was on Placebo and the VFT was just an anomaly, but will start the next batch late this coming week and see what happens from there. Not much else to add really. Things have been ticking along as per normal, no relapses or worsening symptoms. Have already started to feel the effects of summer in two ways, summer always makes me happier which is great, it also makes my fatigue a lot worse, which is bad. Hope to put up the new pool this week and get that ready so I have a place to go when the heat is kicking my butt!