Mark your Calendar

Mark Your Calendar

It has been a while since I have had a serious update on here, but to make up for it, this is going to be a big one. There is a lot of stuff going on in the background at the moment and it is Time to Mark your Calendar!

First of all, A few updates on things. We are still processing the most recent MRI results, while it doesn’t mean an awful lot to my health right now it does mean that the disease is progressing a lot faster than we were hoping given the DMD drugs I am on. It is finding it hard to get my head around the fact that any one of those new lesions could have affected a vital nerve controlling something life changing, so that is really why I haven;t posted much yet. Didn’t want to bring the tone down while I was in the worst of processing all of that. Onwards and upwards now, with new events and a new-found enthusiasm for getting this money raised as fast as possible!

For a bit of fun I have put up a fundraiser page attached to our Kicking MS page, the aim is to raise $1000, which will be enough to encourage me to wear my new Kilt to work for a day, little bits and pieces will get it there quickly. Get into it:


Saturday 25th June

Mark your Calendar

On the 25th of June Newbolds 100% Electrical in Masterton is having a BBQ and coffee stand outside their store with some great specials on in store, all as a fundraiser for us, This is a very cool new addition to our fundraising team, and it is amazing to see another local company getting involved in helping out locals.

Saturday 9th July

This isn’t actually a fundraiser for us. The Greytown Rugby Club are having a casino night to raise money to update their club rooms, but as an addition they got in contact with us to advise they are having an auction on the night and one of the items at the auction will be going to our fundraiser. That is a cool addition to our fundraiser, so Danielle and I will be going along to support them. Thanks Greytown Rugby!

?Wednesday 20th July?

This date is still to be confirmed, but it is a preliminary date for our first quiz night. We’ll be holding this at Lone Star in Masterton and it should be a great night, More details to come, but keep the night free. Tickets will be much more affordable than the ones we had for the auction night so start putting your teams together!

?Saturday 6th August?

Again, date to be confirmed, but around this date we’ll be having a dinner event out Pirinoa way, Hopefully we’ll have more details soon and I’ll let you know.

Other Happenings:

The D1 BSA Bantam

BSA bantum

My Uncle Gary has kindly offered us his freshly restored D1 BSA Bantam to auction. This bike is in amazing condition and all going well will be fully road legal to be sold. This is a 125cc model bike. I am still waiting on more details, but this is a pretty awesome piece of equipment that should be pretty well sought after in the classic motorcycle world. If anyone has any contacts for anyone that might be able to help us market this auction let us know and I think this bike deserves no less than national attention given how lovingly and intricately it has been restored. I know Uncle Gary is a stickler for details and perfection so no stone will be left unturned on this bike.



  • Adie Wyeth popped in last night to show us some amazing MS Orange Teddy Bears her sister had made by hand. They range is sizes and are very cool, each of our boys have been given a small one each. Adie will be raffling these down at Supervalue in Featherston.
  • I still have a few smaller items left from the Auction night that I need to get rid of, So I am thinking of running a similar raffle to the mystery balloon raffle we ran at the auction night, where there are a few winners that pick a balloon to pop and win the item inside it. I’ll post more specifically about this once I have put it all together.
  • My mum is going to be running a cake stall and raffle at Hastings Hospital Info Center on the 22nd of July, The raffle is for half a butchered Lamb, we will probably offer tickets for that raffle on  here beforehand so I will let you know, But a great opportunity for our HB followers to get involved.

I think that is all for now (As if that isn’t enough), there will be a lot more details to come this week for various things. I will keep you all in the loop. Cheers!