Quiz, Stick and Charity

Quiz, Stick and Charity and other strange words!

Hi Everyone, It has been a while since I did an update and a few things have happened since. First of all and most importantly, we have our quiz night coming up on Wednesday the 20th of July at 6:30pm. It should be a great night and pretty laid back. I just want everyone to have fun and for what works out as $10 a head it’s very affordable. Tickets are for a table of up to 5 people and cost $50, easy. If you are keen jump over to http://tickets.perkins.nz to get your tickets, We only have 20 tables and have sold more than a quarter so get in quick!

Danielle and I are off to the Greytown Rugby Club Casino night next Saturday where they are running an auction, 1 item of which is having the takings donated to our cause, so that is very cool. We will quite likely look at doing a similar night ourselves at some point so will be good to get some pointers.

In less exciting news my leg has been getting worse of late. I am now taking some Nerve Blockers (Gabapentin) to take the edge off. They do reduce the uncomfortable pain where I feel like I need to move my leg around all the time, but not the muscle and joint ache that comes with it. It is amazing how ongoing pain can really get on top of you quickly, but working my hardest to stay ahead of it. What that does mean is that I have had to give in and invest in a Walking Stick:

Quiz Stick and Charity

It does help but I am not using it a lot at this stage. I find it really hard to accept it and having it is really driving home the reality that until I can get treatment this is not going away, and it is not getting better which is not doing me any favours. I used it in public at the supermarket a couple of nights ago and really felt like everyone was staring, just need to try to switch off and do what’s best for me, but easier said than done.


In other big news. We have started inquiries into what we need to do to start a charitable trust for our fundraising, It sounds fairly positive. It means everything is a bit more official and we will ultimately expand things a bit further than just getting me to Singapore, once I am back and have recovered sufficiently I would like to continue the trust to help others get the same treatment and lobby to make it available in New Zealand. What it also means is we will become eligible to apply for various grants and assistance and any businesses that donate will be able to claim on their donations and get a chunk back which is a bonus. A big thanks to Reeves/Property Law Service and Osborne Group for helping us out to get this underway.

I think that’s about all for now. I will try to get a bit more regular with posts again now, especially as we progress the charity side of things and leading up to the Quiz, Don’t forget get your tickets early, we got to the point of turning people away for our last event which wasn’t fun for anyone involved.