post match shirts clothing sale

Post Match, Shirts and Clothing Sale

Wow, what an amazing night last nights quiz night was! We had a great time, and the general comments I have had indicate everyone else did too. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Tom and the Lone Star Masterton Team for helping us out and making it such an easy fun-filled event. Also want to say thanks to all our prize sponsors, Wharekauhau Country Estate, The Good Mood Company, Schoc Chocolate, Laughing Owl Fudge Company, Newbolds 100%, Trust House, Micro Bar, Eastwood Motor Group and The Workshop Carterton. My beautiful wife and our good Friend Hanna Finlayson did an awesome job chasing people around for money for raffles, answers, Wairarapa Books and everything else, Thanks so much ladies! And last, but certainly not least, thank you to everyone that came, I tried to pop n and chat to most of you last night and I managed to get a good bunch of money out of people, thank you so much for all being so generous and for getting involved and helping to make our evening so enjoyable! We’ll definitely be doing it again, I should note a big Congrats to the Stumpers (From Tranzit/Forest Enterprises) for winning the quiz, Excellent work Team, you can come and defend your title at our next one.

Many of you will have seen that we have shirts available for sale. I posted a link earlier to the main site that is selling them which is an American site (Thus American Prices), feel free to buy them from there, but if you want NZ prices with a bit less shipping cost you can order them from this site too on the shop page. We have to sell 20 for the print to go ahead, so if you are in NZ I suggest buying from me, putting direct bank payment as your payment method and I will let you know once we have enough orders to go ahead and you can make payment. The fund closes on the 1st August so all orders need to be completed by then, Once I make a bulk order the shirts will arrive with me around 20 days after the 1st August and I can distribute accordingly. For anyone who is unsure about the orange color. It is the primary colour that signifies MS, SO it does have some relevance 🙂 .


We have 2 more events coming up in the near future, On the 6th of August we have the Cryptic Dinner at Pirinoa Hall. I don;t know a lot (They wont tell me a lot, But the girls organizing it are great fun, so I expect a magnificent night. Worth a look:

post match shirts clothing sale


And We also have our much-anticipated Clothing Sale happening on the 13th of August at the Greytown Rugby Club, I’ll be there manning a BBQ so I don’t have to deal with clothes, but there will be heaps on offer and some amazing deals. Some of the gear we have been donated still has the tags on it.

“We have had some extremely generous people donate some beautiful item, .huge range of sizes and accessories for all ages and tastes

There will be mobile eftpos available also

If you have anything you would like to contribute please contact one of us😊 Please spread the word and look forward to seeing you there 😊😊😊”


That is about all for now, I will be updating with more info on these other events in due course, in the mean time, go and buy a shirt or two