Bikes, Blogs, Quiz, Thanks

Bikes, Blogs, Quiz, Thanks


Phew, I have a LOT to post about tonight, bear with me I’ll try to keep each bit brief. First of all many of you will have seen that we are auctioning off an amazing 1951 BSA D1 Bantam Bike. Meticulously restored and in better than new condition it will be an incredible purchase for the winner. It runs well and all the paperwork is done to have it ready to register to its first owner under the new VIN number. Check out the auction here:

I have to say an enormous thank you to my Uncle Gary Mills who has restored this bike over the last 10 years and has been incredibly generous in donating it to our cause to help raise money. It is an amazing gesture and one we will always be grateful for!


I was asked if I would like to be a guest writer for a blog The Dairy of a Journalist, her readers are primarily rural farmers who are feeling the pinch at the moment with dairy prices etc, Cheyenne thought perhaps my experience with difficult emotions could maybe help some of her readers so I have written a piece with that in mind. I am actually really happy with how it all came across, I sat down wondering what I would write and started writing and didn’t stop until I had well and truly blown the word count I was supposed to be aiming for. But certainly I hope it might help someone to deal with their emotions if they feel them getting on top of them. It also leads well into the upcoming Suicide awareness week. The Blog post is here:


For all of our Hawkes Bay followers, we have an event coming up with you in mind. My Cousins wife, Claudia, has kindly offered to organise a Quiz Night at the Clive hotel (Nice and central) on the 21st of September. Tickets will be $10 and are for sale at the Pub or from Claudia Direct, Contact me for her details if you want them. Teams of 6, put the date aside and I will update you as details come. If anyone out there knows any Hawkes Bay Companies that might like to donate prizes or sponsor a table let me know. Thanks Clauds!


Last, but certainly not least, I want to pass on a HUGE thanks to the team that put together the Cryptic Dinner last weekend. We had an incredible time and definitely think it’s something we’d like to do again. What a well organised night it was. Deb, Hanna, Vic, Adie, Gordy, Col, Megan, Kim, Owen, Caro and anyone else who helped out for the event, thank you all soo much. The event raised just under $3000, what an amazing boost.

Extra Things

I was just kidding when I said that last thing was the last thing, A coupe more fundraising ideas that have been looked at over the last week or so:

  1. Leanne suggested Nick-Vision. Basically the idea is simple. If we get enough people to donate the equivalent of $1 a day via a regular direct bank deposit, we will start to build up quite a fund. that’s less than the cost of a coffee each day. I think it’s an awesome idea, and has had some great uptake. If you’d like to help out you can set up a payment into the account 15-3977-0031111-26 N G Perkins, Use your name and the reference VISION. Thank you so much to everyone who has already started it, it makes a huge difference to us to see those regular boosts to our fundraising. Thanks Leanne!
  2. Our good friend Brenda has come up with an idea she has called HOST A ROAST, Very simple idea. Invite around 10 of your friends around for a nice roast meal, Charge them $20 a head for the pleasure (Less than the cost of a restaurant meal), and that is a quick ~$200 added to the fund. She is doing hers and trying to get 10 more people to do them, meaning another $2000 added. What an awesome idea that anyone can get involved with. Thanks Brenda