post match

Post Match Review

Wow! 24 hours on from the start of our fundraising auction and dinner. What an incredible night it was. We have had such positive feedback about the night. everyone seems to have had a great time, which is all we really hoped for.

We are so incredibly thankful and humbled by the massive outpouring of support and assistance that we got surrounding this night. We had such a fantastic team of people who not only helped us plan and organise things leading up to the night but also took care of all the jobs and things on the night which allowed us to really take time to enjoy the night and interact with everyone there, for that we can not thank you all enough, you all know who you are and please consider this a personal thanks! Sorry for those who we did not get a chance to get around and speak to, please know we appreciated you being there!

To have had over 200 people arrive on the night to support us is truly astounding, we started this whole process very dubious about if we could meet our target or 150 people, we’d surpassed that within days of announcing. And everyone that came took part in the night fully and made it a very enjoyable evening for all.

Our MC, Jason, did such a good job of entertaining the crowd… we think even the queen would’ve been impressed!
Hamish and Rick who spoke for us did an amazing job, we have had great feedback on them and the crowd seemed to respond well, I didn’t hear a single person snoring! Thanks gentlemen, we really appreciate you taking time out of your own schedules to help us out and show us support. We finished the night with Short Circuit playing for us, and they got a great crowd up on the dance floor, thank you guys for helping our guests cut loose.

We were lucky enough to have Ash Pugh take care of our boys as the night moved on and took them away to bed, thanks Ash, that made things so much easier for us knowing we didn’t have to worry about the boys.

We don’t have a total at this stage for what we raised on the night, but I am confident in saying we will have surpassed $20,000 raised on the night! $20k+!!!! That is so amazing, that is 10% of our goal in one night, It is very heartening and helps bring back the enthusiasm for this task again getting such a big push. A Massive thank you to all the generous bidders who brought auction items, and everyone who got in on the raffles and of course anyone who brought tickets, all of it helped!

The only disappointment we had out of the whole night is when we went to pack the bits and pieces up today we discovered that 6 of our 11 pairs of kids boots that had been lent to us by Farmlands had been taken away on the night. Every pair that is missing we have to pay for out of our profit from the night. At $30 – $60 per pair that’s effectively $360 taken from our profit on the night. Please, if you took some gumboots please contact us so we can arrange to get them back or paid for, if anyone saw people collecting boots shoot us a message so we can touch base with them, we understand people may not have realized we would have to pay for them but we do want to try to sort it so it’s not a black mark on our otherwise amazing night.

Lastly, for those who have still to pay for their auction items, I will be in touch over the next few days to sort that out. (Alternatively feel free to get in touch with us.)

Thank you everyone, We are SO stoked with the way the night went so thank you thank you and thank you again to everyone involved!