I haven’t really posted anything of substance for a while so thought a little pre-Christmas post was in order. The reason I haven;t had a lot of posts is that there hasn’t been an awful lot to post, I didn’t post at the end of the drug trial as I was sort of waiting to see the results of being off the drug for a while. Turns out there hasn’t been a lot of change. The weakness in my knee is back a little but not too bad, the rest has stayed fairly static, which is pretty good news really. Summer is well and truly here and on that front the pool has really been my savior when the heat starts bringing on fatigue, it brings me right pretty much straight away which is good. I have all in all been pretty bloody good of late and have even managed to kind of forget about MS on occasion too. I have had a lot of family time lately which has been amazing and we managed to get away to Auckland with some great friends for a weekend which was a much needed break from the day to day hum-drum of life. Caught up with some close friends who I haven’t seen for a couple of years last night which was a real pleasure. All in all right now life is pretty good so I am counting my Christmas blessings, thank you everyone who has been involved in our lives this year, you all mean a lot to us and we appreciate every moment!


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