The First Thousand

The First Thousand

The first big milestone in the fundraising has been reached. The first thousand is in and accounted for. Thank you so much to everyone who has so generously donated so far! I am working on a few fundraisers at the moment. Including looking at sourcing some shirts in NZ to get made up and sold, I’ll keep you all informed as that progresses.

I have had numerous calls from all sorts of people looking to help out and for that I am truly appreciative. The White Swan has kindly offered to host an event for me, so if anyone wants to get their organisational flair on for that get in touch! I would really like to run a silent auction at that dinner so for anyone out there who has or knows someone who may be willing to donate items to a silent auction please let me know.

It is still hard to see through the haze of the massive amount of work its going to take to make this happen but all the support and encouragement is certainly helping! Everyone wants to do something to help and for that I am so appreciative. Every day at the moment is getting harder, the fatigue is really kicking my butt, but knowing we have something to work towards makes all the difference!

I read the other day that AirNZ can offer cheap or free flights in certain extenuating circumstances so will start making some enquiries about that to see if we can cut down the nearly $10,000 worth of flight costs that would be needed for the treatment period as well.

All in all things are ticking along and lots in the works. I know others are planning stuff too so I will keep everyone informed as things come around. I am looking at starting to design some promotional material to give people the info on how to help out and what it is so will look for people to place these in prominent locations when I have something.

As always, you can find my givealittle page at the below link:


See my givealittle page