Tickets are going fast

Tickets are Going Fast

We’ve talked about it a fair bit up to now, but we are actually on the cusp of selling out of tickets. We still have quite a few people who have said to us they are coming but haven’t reserved tickets so for all of you out there reading this, reserve your tickets now or you will miss out on an amazing evening. I am waiting to hear from the venue if they can increase numbers but there is no guarantees on that so get in now to avoid disappointment. Grab your tickets at:

With that in mind, we are asking that those who have reserved tickets please get your payments through as quickly as possible so we can confirm those tickets and ensure we are not holding unnecessary places. We’d like to have all the payments through by the 7th May at the latest to help us with our planning and coordination. We’d really appreciate it if that could happen, saves us having to chase people. Thanks everyone.

We have also heard a couple of people have mentioned that they might bring items up on the night to auction off. We really appreciate that people want to help out in that way, but please do talk to us now as we need to coordinate those items within the auction and may not be able to auction items on the night if we don;’t know about them beforehand. Not to mention the fact we’d love to be able to get everyone that has donated items onto our thank you board.

Needless to say we don’t want anyone to drink and drive on the night and with that in mind Solway park are doing an excellent rate on rooms especially for our event. If you want to stay the night call them up and book a room. Mention that you are coming for the auction and they can do a standard studio room (2 guests) for $95, cheaper than a fine..or worse.

Lastly, don’t forget that Deb Whiteman is taking on the  huge 18km Tora challenge this Sunday to help raise funds for us. What an amazingly generous and committed thing to do. If you want to show her support go to her fundraiser page and drop her a donation (only $12.70 to go to reach $12,000):

We are now at 295 likes on our Facebook page, if you know anyone who might be interested in our story please invite them to like the page, would be great to reach the 300 mark. Even better share it with all your friends using the #KickMSwith22Mill hashtag!