Results and Raffles

We have done some tabulation this week after an amazing night last Saturday, We still have a couple of items to finalize so this will fluctuate a little. but at this point we can say we have raised around:


That is an amazing number, that means we got more than 10% of our goal in one night and pushes our total tally for the fundraising to around 20%. Still a way to go, but an incredible push to keep us moving. So thank you again to everyone who got involved, we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. And also a big thanks to all those who have passed on your positive feedback about the night to us, it has been incredibly heartening to know that people did have an enjoyable night and the effort involved was not in vain.

We also have a couple of raffles going on at the moment for anyone that didn’t catch them.

Raffle 1: Grocery Raffle thanks to FreshChoice Greytown

Results and Raffles

We ran this raffle at our auction night and were generously donated it back by the Winners, Derek and Lize. Which is very cool. So we are re-raffling it now. $4 per ticket or 3 for $10. We will draw this on the 1st of June so get your ticket purchases in quick. Contact us on Facebook if you want tickets.

Raffle 2: Wood Raffle thanks to Palliser Ridge and Pinehaven

Results and Raffles

What better time than to get some tickets for a wood raffle, the temperature has dropped and fires are starting. You can pick up tickets for this raffle from Pinehaven Orchards in Greytown. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.

We managed to find most of the missing gumboots, thanks to all those that came forward, We are now just looking for one last pair. Youth Size 2, if anyone happens to know their whereabouts let us know, thanks!