1 Week in!

1 week

1 week in and going strong, and I can’t believe the generosity of those around me, thank you to everyone who has supported us, either with donations, or ideas or anything else! The first week has really been a simple case of ‘this is what we are aiming for, let’s see what can happen’, and what can happen in 1 week = just under $3000….WOW!

We have a number of different things in the pipeline now, I will hopefully be talking to a local reporter this week and get the word out there which is great. The Tui Brewery wants to meet and discuss what they can do for us so that should happen this week as well. Still hunting for some shirts to sell, but have a couple of good leads there. All in all, it appears that actual fundraiser type things should start to happen over the next couple of weeks.

We are still putting out feelers for unique and interesting stuff for an auction, so if anyone has or knows of anyone that can help with items? Sports memorabilia, especially signed stuff is always a good pull if anyone can get hold of anything.

Aside from all of that stuff, the outpouring of support and love has been truly humbling. I have to say that MS as a general rule has been a real bitch, but our circle of friends and acquaintances, and even extended family has grown so much closer in support of us over this whole saga that it has been a real blessing in that way alone, and for all that support we really do say thank you. It seems so massive to put to the community this huge ask, and I don’t know how we are ever going to really thank all those involved, but please know we hold you all in our highest esteem!

Some of the donations to date have come from people who are simply people who know people who know us, that we can;t even touch base with direct to say thank you, but if you are reading this please accept our thanks. To help someone you know directly is one thing (and an amazing thing, don’t get me wrong), but to help out people you don’t even know is very special!!

Last but not least for tonight, Danielle and a few others are forming a ‘committee’ to help keep the fundraising process on track, I will obviously be involved, but my mind is so muddled right now with all of this that to know some others will be helping me with organisation etc is a huge load off. If you have ideas or want to be more directly involved please shoot Danielle a private message on Facebook or touch base with me in whatever way suits.


As always, you can find our givealittle below: