General Update

It has been a week now since what I would fairly say is one of the most amazing nights we’ve had throughout this whole adventure. We are continuing to get great feedback about the night which is excellent to hear. We’re really glad to have been able to put together a night that really had what people wanted and expected.

General Update

We’ve been asked a few times when the next event is on, at this stage no firm dates, but now I have had a weeks down time I am going to start looking into our next options. I think perhaps the next one might be a quiz night somewhere. We do plan on doing a big quiz night or two at the Tui brewery later in the year, but for now we might have a couple of smaller shin-digs a little more locally. Anyone that has any ideas or contacts let me know.

The above progress bar will show us (as at now) at $40,000 raised which is amazing. We put the lions share of the Auction night earnings on there last night and today we got a generous donation from our resident number OCDer Mel who rounded it out at exactly $4k, thanks so much everyone, it is a great boost on getting to our goal. We couldn’t be happier.

Other than all that, we are mostly caught back up on sleep and otherwise after the lead up and the night from the auction night. I had an MRI in the Hutt on Wednesday just to check progress on my lesions etc, so will be interested to see what that shows.  Now it is just finding the gumption to get back into organizing the next event to keep the momentum going.

Thanks everyone, have an amazing week and I’ll be back with more info when I have any!