We made $10k

We made 10k

Just over a month into fundraising and We’ve hit $10,000 on our givealittle page. We are blown away at the support we have had from all around in making it to this amazing milestone. We still have a long road ahead, but to get into the 5 figure mark was always going to be the first challenge that really told us if we could do this or if we were kidding ourselves, and I really do think we can do this now. There are still days when I have doubts, but then I remember that we just have no choice and we have to just keep moving forward.

The ‘Glam and Gumboots’ event is coming along in leaps and bounds. We have got ticket sales starting to flow in and have had a pile of auction donations coming in as well. Don’t forget if you want to view the event details you can visit:


and if you just want to book tickets you can visit:


The tickets page does not take any payment details immediately, it simply gets your info and immediately after submitting your ticket order you will receive an email with bank details to make a deposit to secure your ticket order, if you don;t get the email then touch base with me and I will send it on to you. A few people have asked about the attire, questions like ‘Do w have to wear gumboots?’, The theme is sort of a guideline, we want people to mix it up a bit and there will be spot prizes for the best dressed etc, plain glam is fine, gumboots is fine, anywhere in between is fine with a bit of mix and match encouraged, we look forward to seeing your creations and we just want people to have fun and be comfortable.

In other happenings, we have some amazing Team Perkins members out there doing their own thing to help us out. The Wyeth/Finlayson girls are almost always up to something to help out and have been braving the Featherston Market most weekends to help raise money with their amazing wares! We just heard that friends of my brothers have run a Big Brunch over in Wellington for their friends, on the basis that many of them spend money each week at Cafe’s etc for Brunch so they’d cook instead and their friends could donate ‘cafe price’ for their brunch which is amazing! There have been the variety of raffles etc going on, and of course the group who are out ‘door knocking’ for donations for auction etc… The amount of help we are getting far and wide is incredible. There is so much going on I have almost certainly missed stuff in here but please know that each and every thing is truly appreciated and it is all helping.

In health news, nothing too major going on. My knee issue comes and goes, but I have to say I am not overly sad to see the heat coming down a bit during the day, it helps keep the fatigue at bay. I have a visit to the Neurologist next week to re-apply for my injections and am awaiting another MRI to check for lesion activity on the brain so it’s all in a bit of a holding pattern till we get the results of that.

I think that’s all to catch up on for now. I am posting a lot of short updates for the events etc straight to Facebook so keep an eye on that for more and as always, you can find our givealittle page here: