What an Amazing Day!

Amazing Day

I really don’t know how I am going to keep finding ways to express how each day of this journey keeps getting more amazing! I wish we had some better way than just writing or saying the words thank you to show how much that all the things people are doing for us mean! I think it is fair to say, that once I have been, had the treatment, come home and recovered we will put on a BIG thank you event for all those involved. Perhaps that’s something to consider for my 1st HSCT birthday, but for now we’ll focus on the getting there any hopefully everyone can understand just how amazing this is and how incredibly grateful we are to you all! Even something as simple as just reading these blog posts goes a long way to helping me feel supported in this journey.

Today really built on the progress from yesterday, we have had a number of things happen. Some we’ve chased ourselves and some completely unexpected, so here goes:

  • Selena and Andy Trail have kindly (and unexpectedly) started a firewood raffle through Facebook. For $5 per ticket (pick a number between 1 and 50) you go in the draw for a large trailer load of kiln dried wood. Given the way the weather is going at the moment it seems like a great idea. Thank you guys. Either message Selena on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/selena.trask.5) or send me an email if you don’t Facebook and I’ll pass it on to get a ticket.
  • Megan Wyeth has started a lottery draw over the next 10 weeks. On her birthday no less! $20 per ticket, choose a number between 1 and 40 and if it is drawn as the bonus number in the Saturday lotto draw you win $40. Thanks Megan so much! Contact Megan on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/megan.wyeth) or send me an email if you don’t Facebook and I’ll pass it on to get a ticket
  • Pak N Save have confirmed details and will be running a ‘add $1 to your bill’ promotion in the Masterton store over the coming weeks, I don’t have confirmed dates yet but will advise when I do. Would be great to get some more shoppers in there, it is awesome that they are supporting their locals so kindly!
  • I visited the Tui Brewery today with the thought of having a Tui Bottle Cap quiz and they have shown great interest, They are keen to do a number of events and promote them thoroughly, including adding one to their summer series events they run each year like the ‘Bring the Keg to the Brewery’ and ‘Mangatainoka Golf Open’ (http://www.tui.co.nz/brewery/events) which would be amazing. Still some details to thrash out but definite progress and it will be a huge help in the fundraising department. Surprisingly they hadn’t really considered the possibility before and may be keen to make it an annual event which could benefit the MSNZ foundation or similar to it’s pretty cool to have spawned that!

Did I mention today was an amazing day? When we ask for help from the various places you kind of have to go into it expecting a ‘No’ to avoid the disappointment, but to have had some Big Yes’s so early on and even to have had some yes’, and we can do this and this and this also. It is incredible what people are prepared to do to help out others, this whole practice has really helped endear me to humanity again after some pretty miserable international news at various times over recent years. But besides all that, to have people, without any asking or prompting, setting up these fundraising opportunities off their own backs for us has brought tears to our eyes. We are very blessed to have such an amazing support crew all around us and we couldn’t do it without you all so A huge thank you again to you all (Yes, I know, I keep saying it, but I just feel like we can’t say it enough).

Hopefully will get some more details on all these things over the next couple of days, while you wait don’t forget to grab some raffle/lottery tickets!

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