Yet again I am astounded by the generosity of those around me, Hanna and her Mum Adie have been running the fudge sale in Featherston and have just given us close to $1000 dollars from those sales. It’s incredible to know that they have done this off their own back to help us out. And to all those out there that went and brought the fudge, thank you so much.

What this has meant to us is I was able to go and purchase a fridge today that will mean I can store my injection safely out of the kids reach. Currently they are taking up a good chunk of the bottom of our fridge and are right within reach of the boys so it’s a massive relief being able to take care of that.

Thank you Hanna and Adie, I can’t even put into words how thankful we are to you.

The injections are going well, the last two have been in either thigh and have been quite uncomfortable, a throbbing pain through each thigh respectively shortly after the injection, and tonight’s one has left a nice deep bruise. Not sure why but Imogen seems to think its ok. Have to keep persevering with them, I am sure it’ll become habit in no time.

Have been progressively working on my web site and am quite happy with the results. I am interested in how people are finding the change for reading my posts, is it all still working ok for people?