The Good the Bad and the Ugly!

Well, I’ll start with the good, The bad and the ugly is really for my benefit more than anyone else. We have got some amazing raffles going on at the moment:

  • First of all a big shout out to Lexie Fleming for going out to Martinborough Fair today in the beaming sun and painted 16 wee kiddy’s faces for $5 a pop raising $80 which has been added to the givealittle fund. Thanks Lexie, we really appreciate it! We were a bit disappointed to be too late off the mark to get a proper stall at the fair this year so it was awesome to at least have some presence going on.
  • Selena and Andy Trail have kindly (and unexpectedly) started a firewood raffle through Facebook. For $5 per ticket (pick a number between 1 and 50) you go in the draw for a large trailer load of kiln dried wood. Given the way the weather is going at the moment it seems like a great idea. Thank you guys. Either message Selena on Facebook ( or send me an email if you don’t Facebook and I’ll pass it on to get a ticket.
  • Megan Wyeth has started a lottery draw over the next 10 weeks. On her birthday no less! $20 per ticket, choose a number between 1 and 40 and if it is drawn as the bonus number in the Saturday lotto draw you win $40. Thanks Megan so much! Contact Megan on Facebook ( or send me an email if you don’t Facebook and I’ll pass it on to get a ticket.
  • Megan and Daniel Evans are running a cup cake raffle. Dan, makes incredible cupcakes I am told. $5 per ticket and you go in the draw for 2 Dozen cupcakes on a voucher to be redeemed when it suits the winner. Sounds like a pretty bloody good deal to me. Thanks Megan and Dan. Contact Megan on Facebook ( or send me an email if you don’t Facebook and I’ll pass it on to get a ticket.

We are working on a couple of events, the first of which looks like it will be a Black Tie and gumboots dinner at The White Swan, followed by an auction, we’re just getting together some auction items and looking for some meat and wine donations to be used on the nights meal, we’ll probably offer 2 ticket levels, for those that want dinner and an auction and those that just want the auction. We hope to have a live band on the night and make it a really fun evening. We would love to see you all there. Date to be confirmed but probably in May, and probably a Thursday as that is a suitable night for the White Swan.

We have the Tui Brewery events in the works but I don’t have much detail on those yet except that there will be Quizzes and Tui Girls, really what more do you need.

We have a bunch (and I really mean a bunch) of other smaller events in the works and I’ll post updates on those as and when we firm up details. Does anyone have any good contacts at the Carterton Events Center?

If anybody does want to run anything or ask for anything on our behalf that is great, but can we please ask that you just check in with us first, we just don;t want to inadvertently ask the same people over and over again from different sources. I have just made up an info sheet with a brief rundown of what we are raising the money for etc so if anybody wants a copy to use when doing anything let me know.the good the bad and the ugly


Now for the Bad and Ugly, per the picture I am on a heavy dose Steroids course again as Thursday Friday my symptoms started to kick off really badly and the consensus seems to be I am relapsing. Not really sure why, possibly just all the added pressure around deciding to go for treatment and getting that process underway (ironic huh!). Hopefully the steroids kick it into check without causing me too many untoward side effects like they did last time. I have some sleeping pills this time (Some of which I took an hour or so ago so there is a serious chance that everything I am currently typing makes NO sense) so hopefully I’ll at least get some sleep on this round which should help.

I am off to see the neurologist on Tuesday to get a feel for what he thinks is going on, it’ll be my first appointment since deciding to go get HSCT so that should be interesting. He seems to be on board with it so fingers crossed.

I hit a bit of a brick wall a couple of night ago and had a real emotional outpouring about the whole thing, I suspect the relapse was in its beginning at that point and didn’t help the situation. I just started to really think about the risks, and being away from my family for 3+ months and the whole thing just got really BIG in my mind. I started to really question if I was doing the right thing for everyone. Fortunately after having a bit of a tear strung blow out I think I have re-focused and we are back on track to doing basically the only thing that makes any sense.

That’s all for now. Don’t want to bring the mood down too much, but I thought if nothing else it’d be good for me to write down the bad as well for my own good and also to help everyone see why it is so important that I get this treatment as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading everyone, and, as always, you can visit my givealittle here: