Health Update

Health Update


Just a quick update after my MRI a couple of weeks back, I have had information back from the Neurologist that they have found 3 new lesions. I am not sure where exactly they are located (Brain, or spine). This is a bit of a blow really, today hasn’t been a great day for the moral, what this ultimately means is that my DMD injections aren’t keeping the MS in check and his words were ‘it does indicate that you MS is not completely controlled’.

The only positive from that is that it really drives home that this decision to go and get treatment is the right one, but what it does make me realise is that we need to get there as soon as possible before these progressive lesions start to wreak more havoc on my body, already over the last couple of weeks my leg has been flaring up again and giving me a bit of pain.

Not much else to say about that really. Just feeling pretty gutted and disheartened that my particular MS progression is clearly not going to be a peaceful one, bring on the fix!

In other news, Leanne is starting to put plans in place for the clothing sale. Anyone that can help with clothes, hangers or anything else please get in touch with her. I am starting to put some word out to places in the hope of maybe getting a quiz night together.

I have to give a special shout out to a couple of people. Ash Bowman and Lesley Robinson have been quietly toiling away baking each week for the staff at Premier Beehive to buy and have been putting their takings into the givealittle page each week and to date have made around $800 to date. That is amazing, thank you so much girls.

Also we were on the roster for #makeadifferencemonday at Cafe Strada on Queens Birthday Monday just been. I Popped in during the day and it was absolutely humming in there. Spoke to the Barista briefly and she said she had been going flat-out since the doors opened at 8am, so that is bound to be a good little earner, thanks Strada Team!

That’s about all at this stage, I will be back with a more positive post in the next few days, once the disappointment of these results wears off.