It’s been a while between posts of late. I have really had not a lot to add, which is a good thing. No serious issues going on. My knee is still giving me trouble, but everything else seems to have settled down for now, and I am averaging around 6000 steps a day which on this knee is pretty good, but also probably why its still troublesome, have to build the muscle strength around the unresponsive muscles somehow.

I have been thinking lately about MS and how its changed our lives, and got me thinking about the last 5 years, in the last 5 years Danielle and I have got married, brought a house, had 2 beautiful kids, settled into new amazing careers, and then around a year ago had our whole amazing existence we’d built up thrown into turmoil with the optic nueritis and diagnosis of MS.

A lot of people speak of their lives surrounding their diagnosis of MS and how they were in the middle of a very stressful period when the symptoms arose that brought on a diagnosis. The last 5 years have been incredible and I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world, but sheesh, there have been a lot of stressful times in amongst all that stuff happening. I don’t think thats caused me to have MS, I think that was happening anyway, and has probably been sitting there dormant for a long time before all that (no one seems very clear on that, do you have it from birth, do you develop it etc) but I certainly think it may have helped bring on the symptoms. Again, that doesn’t mean anything, i wouldn’t give it up or change it for the world. Just an interesting thought around a disease that ultimately there is very little known about.

I think my focus in the next 5 years is going to be to slow down a bit. Focus on my health, my family and my career and make sure they’re all stable. None of us need another mad hectic 5 years like the last 5 have been. Still, having said that we’ll probably look at building a house within the next 5 years.. apparently thats up there with the most stressful things you can do, so maybe I am full of it!

Just over a month till it’ll be my 1 year diagnosis anniversary, I feel lie I should acknowledge it somehow but don’t really know how. It has been probably the most testing year of my life, and thus far, I have made it through with a LOT of support. Anyone got any good ideas on what I could do?