This is the nightly batch of drugs:

– Copaxone Injection
– Vitamin D (5000IU)
– Fampyra (Drug Trial Drug)
– Multi-Vitamin
– Flax Seed Oil
– Antibiotic (For tooth Infection)
This is complemented by the Antibiotic and Fampyra being taken each morning too. I am getting pretty good at taking pills. Still shocks me every time I get them all out, as someone who  spent most of his adult life on as little medication as possible. Still, they all have a purpose and seem to be helping things along. The drug Trial has been interesting, I am still not sure if this batch is the drug or not. I certainly haven;t noticed and vision changes, but my knee has had little or no pain for the last couple of weeks and I have dramatically increased my average daily steps by a couple of thousand a day in the last couple of weeks, that could be because of the fact the weather is better, or it could be the drug, or it could be both. Not really sure yet but will be very interested to see what the next set of tests show. If they are positive then it’ll be time to decide if I want to stay on the drug. At $300 per month its a serious decision to make, so we shall see. Other than that my symptoms seem to be reasonably at bay at the moment which is good, This tooth infection is giving me some grief, but that is unrelated to MS, just a general pain in the arse. Don’t forget to help fund research into men’s health issues by donating to