Rugby, Wuiz and #KickMSwith40Mill

Rugby, Quiz and #KickMSwith40Mill

Don’t forget everyone, Tonight is the $40 million dollar draw for Lotto, Must go. So we’re starting a campaign to #KickMSwith40Mill to try to get as many people as we know with Lotto tickets and also post-draw if it’s not someone we know, trying to find the winner(s) to see if they’d drop a small amount out of their huge win to help us get to Singapore! We have our ticket, do you have yours?

Quiz, Rugby and #kickMswith40Mill

We’re off to the Greytown Rugby Clubs Casino night where they are also running an auction. Two items in the auction are going to charities. One to the Cuddle for Beau Campaign, and the other to us. That is a very generous move from the Rugby Club and we are very thankful! We are looking forward to a night out, Danielle and I haven;t had our own night out for a fair while now, it’ll be nice to have a wee break. A big thanks to the Dad and Lize for having our Boys so we can have a break.

quiz night

Of course lastly we have our Quiz night coming up at Lone Star on the 20th July. We don’t have many tables left so if you want to come, get in quick. We will also have a pile of Wairarapa ooks available on the night for sale, and other things going on, It will be a great night and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Otherwise things are tracking fairly standard, Health wise I am staying fairly stable at the moment and have managed to mostly avoid needing the stick which is great! We have made some movement with regard to the charity side of things but are still clarifying a few bits so can’t report a lot on that as yet.

I have also been approved by Facebook for Instant Articles so hopefully this will open much nicer on Facebook mobile now. Much easier to get around in it which is cool!